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Possible Goals for the Elective

  • Literature search

  • Hypothesis development

  • Study design

  • Working on/completing an existing project

  • Meeting mentors, program directors about research interests


Tips for a Productive Research Block


Research Elective Requirements

In addition to working with a mentor and independently, there are several requirements during this rotation.

Complete the Research Elective Form:  Research Elective Form  


Poster Template here

Contacts For Research Elective

Kathleen Corey, M.D. – APD for Clinical and Translations Research/Research Elective Director

Paula Prout – Admin for Clinical and Translations Research, MGH DOM Residency Program


Please feel free to contact Dr. Corey at with any questions or concerns before, after or during your block!

Book Pages

Research Elective Information


Welcome to Research Elective! We are excited to have you start and want to make this a productive and fun block for you!


The purpose of the research elective is to allow you time to develop, pursue, or complete a research project.  

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